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When Floridians cast their ballots on Nov. 8, a new president wasn’t the only person elected into office. Voters also chose hundreds of candidates to fill open Community Development District (CDD) board seats throughout the state.

Those recently elected to a CDD’s Board of Supervisors became local representatives for a government entity and are subject to many rules and regulations, similar to those that apply to County Commissioners. Roles and responsibilities include understanding how to operate a special taxing district, filing requirements, financial reporting and much more.

Because many CDD Supervisors have never served as elected officials – and many who have could periodically use a refresher – Rizzetta & Company hosted a “CDD 101” presentation in January. Forty-five Supervisors attended the presentation, which covered:

• Overview of community development and special taxing districts 

• Board of Supervisor role responsibilities, filing requirements and the Sunshine Law 

• General district activity and information 

• Basics of budgets, bond issuance and special assessments 

• Basics of financial reporting 

• Florida statutory reference material 

• Other tips to help districts thrive

This event is an example of just one opportunity we provide our CDD clients to help them feel comfortable in their roles and able to best serve their communities.

Pictured above: Director of District Management Eric Dailey welcomes nearly 50 CDD Board Supervisors to Rizzetta & Company’s “CDD 101” presentation on January 19.

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