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6 things to watch for CDDs and HOAs in 2018

As we move toward the New Year, what trends are ahead for Community Development Districts and homeowners associations? Here are six things to watch in 2018, from Rizzetta & Company’s Eric Dailey and Heather Russel:


  1. 2018 is an election year for CDD boards. In some cases, two or three seats may change hands. With this in mind, engaged residents should be encouraged to run. A board is only as good as the people on it.
  1. Requests for information from the public won’t slow down. More and more, CDD residents and others in the community want to see key CDD documents such as minutes, agendas and contracts. CDDs need to be responsive and complete in addressing these requests.
  1. As suburban areas continue to grow, so do demands on infrastructure. Growth around Florida is not expected to slow in 2018, so CDD boards would be smart to plan ahead, knowing that solving issues like traffic challenges take time to address.


  1. HOAs need to keep up with how we communicate today. Smart HOA boards are embracing social media, and understand that residents don’t want to wait days for responses to their questions or concerns.
  1. Use of drones in communities will continue to be a contentious issue. Whether drones are taking photos of homes or monitoring certain areas of a community, they continue to spark controversy. For HOAs, if there’s an issue, it’s important to have quality legal advice while considering what residents want.
  1. Maturing oak trees are becoming a problem in some communities. In some newer suburban communities, roots from maturing oak trees are becoming an issue. Some HOAs are removing trees, while others are looking for other solutions.
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