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Area leaders discuss emerging trends in real estate at ULI conference

Cautious optimism was a common theme as more than 500 real estate industry professionals gathered for the annual Urban Land Institute (ULI) “Emerging Trends in Real Estate” conference on January 24 in Tampa.

As noted in the Business Observer, close to 80 percent of respondents to a recent ULI national survey say the U.S. real estate market is “good” or “excellent,” but there is a bit more caution in the marketplace as developers, owners, buyers and sellers consider where we are in the current real estate cycle.

The Trends event included a panel of three area leaders, Dr. Kiran Patel, Tom James and Jeff Vinik, who talked about what the Tampa Bay area and Florida need to do to stay competitive.

Rizzetta & Company is a proud supporter of ULI, which makes a difference both in Florida and around the world in promoting responsible land use and economic growth.

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