To provide high quality service at competitive rates performed with the highest level of integrity, honesty and professionalism. Adding “value” to our clients, which is the combination of high quality service at a fair cost.

“I have worked with Rizzetta & Company for over 12 years in various communities throughout Florida. They currently provide District and Amenity Management Services for our Belmont and Triple Creek Community Development Districts. I have been very pleased with the professionalism and dedication of their staff in our communities.”Grady Miars - President, GreenPointe Communities

Company Profile

Rizzetta & Company, Inc., is a Florida-based professional community management and consulting firm that provides services to residential and commercial communities throughout the state of Florida. With over 30 years in the industry, Rizzetta & Company, Inc., is staffed with highly experienced managers and support staff. Each of our eight offices throughout Florida has a team of employees with diverse backgrounds, both personally and professionally, who are dedicated to providing the highest quality services to our clients.

We provide professional expertise in five primary areas – District Services, Association Services, Community Services, Information Technology Services, and Real Estate Services to both Community Development Districts and Community Associations.

Company History

Rizzetta & Company, Inc., was founded in 1986 in Tampa, Florida by William Rizzetta. The original focus of the company was to provide professional financial consulting services for Community Development Districts in association with issuance of municipal bonds.

As the company’s reputation for excellent work and customer service grew, the practice expanded over the next thirty years by adding related services which resulted in todays “Full Service” organization.

Growth Timeline


Rizzetta & Company founded.


Collection agent services were added for Community Development Districts to support the process of bond repayments.


Community Development District Management services were added.


As a natural counterpart to District Management, Association Management was introduced.


Seeing a growing need for Amenity Services at the request of various clients, Rizzetta Amenity Services, Inc. was created as an affiliate to the core company.


In addition to the growing Amenity Management services, the need for more landscape oversight lead to adding our Field Services.


With the departure of various companies from the market place, Continuing Disclosure services were added to provide various compliance reporting for Districts and Bondholders.


Due to the recession, some Districts were in financial crisis and required the formation of Special Purpose Entities to manage them through these times. Our firm was asked to take on many of these projects as an additional service.


With the continued growth in technology and changes to Florida Laws, we formed a second affiliate company, Rizzetta Technology Services, Inc., to provide website development and hosting, along with email and support services to our clients.


Rizzetta & Company, Inc. celebrated its 30th anniversary and continued growth with the opening of two new office locations in Citrus Park and Riverview.

Management Philosophy

In our opinion, the single most important factor in being successful is customer service. We understand that each client has certain unique characteristics. While all have similarities, our success comes from our ability to understand the nuances of each client, and adapt our services as necessary. This approach generates the basis for long-term relationships with clients we have represented for nearly twenty years.