Bryan A. Rizzetta, Manager of Real Estate Services

Bryan A. Rizzetta is the Manager of Real Estate Services for Rizzetta Management Services, Inc. His duties include due diligence on real estate acquisitions as well as project planning and leasing. Mr. Rizzetta has been in the position since October 2015. Prior to this position, Mr. Rizzetta was part of the CDD department, where he was an Associate District Manager from July 2014, when he joined the company, to October 2015. In that role, he assisted the District Managers with various communities, such as Fishhawk CDD, Harbor Bay CDD and Harrison Ranch CDD.

Prior to joining the company, Mr. Rizzetta was a Founding Father of the Omega Septaton chapter for the Phi Sigma Kappa Fraternity at Auburn University. He held numerous chair positions during his time with the fraternity, including Formal (2014) and Legacy (2012-2014). He was also a Justice member of the Fraternity’s Honor Court (2010-2013). Furthermore, Mr. Rizzetta was a member of the Auburn Conservatives for Tomorrow, a political community service organization, where he was the Greek Life Liaison.

Mr. Rizzetta received his Bachelor of Arts from Auburn University in 2014 and is a Licensed Real Estate Agent in the State of Florida. He is a member of the Association of Florida Community Developers (AFCD) and the Urban Land Institute (ULI).