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Landscaping tips for fall and winter Frosts and freezes are relatively rare in Florida, but they still can damage grass, trees and plants. As we get closer to cooler weather, Tyree Brown, a Certified Arborist and Field Services Supervisor for Rizzetta, has some tips for your community’s landscaping in the fall and winter, with the […]

Condo and HOA expos: a great source for information Condo and HOA expos, like the ones this month in Orlando and Tampa, offer Condo, HOA, and CDD board members and managers the chance to connect with peers and learn about best practices and trends in the industry. Rizzetta exhibited at the Orlando Condo & HOA […]

CDD Elections and what you need to know…… What you need to know about CDD elections If you’re involved with Community Development Districts (CDDs), it’s important to know that CDDs are government entities with specific statutes pertaining to the Board of Supervisors election process. CDD elections are generally held in November in even-numbered years. The voting […]

From maintenance to animal care, clubhouse managers handle more than the clubhouse The community amenities managed by Rizzetta’s amenity services division range from the relatively simple (a community pool and tennis courts) to the complex (resort-style features like a movie theatre and nature center). With this wide range of needs, it would only make sense that […]

5 tips for CDD budget season The deadline for Community Development District (CDD) budgets is looming, whether you’re billing fees through your county’s tax collector or directly to homeowners. There are several things you’ll want to consider when preparing your budget – from funding for landscaping to having reserve funds for unforeseen natural disasters. Here […]

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