Field Services

We offer an extensive menu of professional field services for both Community Development Districts and Community Associations. Our field services management team is Green Industries Best Management Practices (GIBMP) certified in the state of Florida.

Our practice includes the following areas of service

Perform grounds inspections, provide the Client with inspection report, notify maintenance contractor about deficiencies in service and obtain proposals for various landscape projects.

Attend landscape turnover meeting and participate in the inspection on behalf of the Client. Follow up report provided.

Landscape designer on staff available for landscape design, landscape enhancements and landscape design consultation in the communities and amenity facilities.

Develop a request for proposal (RFP) document. Develop a customized set of standards and specifications based on the Client’s needs and budget. Conduct the bidding process, review and prepare a bid tabulation document for the Client. Assist the Client with reviewing the bid tabulation and other pertinent information.

Develop a request for proposal (RFP) document. Conduct the bidding process. Assist the Client with reviewing the bids and other pertinent information.

Certified Arborist on staff available for consultation services regarding; pruning, diagnosis treatment, tree value appraisal, fertilization, tree risk assessment and removal.

Develop a project plan specific to landscape replacement and enhancement for the common grounds and the amenity facility. Emphasis is on maturing landscape in the community and budgeting accordingly.

Perform a complete inventory of the Client’s assets and provide an inventory report.

“Rizzetta & Company has been our Community Development District manager since late 2013. They were brought in as our District responsibilities had increased as a result of the taking over of recreational amenities from the developer as well as privacy services and common area maintenance from our HOA. Rizzetta has served us well at all levels of their organization, be it the accounting staff, field staff, landscape operations, District Manager responsibilities or senior management. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for a District management company that is not only thorough and responsive but excellent at anticipating your needs.”Jerry Jasper, Chairman, Venetian Community Development District

Our team is our best asset. We consider every client relationship as a true partnership. We will work tirelessly to ensure we are exceeding your expectations.

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