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From maintenance to animal care, clubhouse managers handle more than the clubhouse The community amenities managed by Rizzetta’s amenity services division range from the relatively simple (a community pool and tennis courts) to the complex (resort-style features like a movie theatre and nature center). With this wide range of needs, it would only make sense that […]

Rizzetta talks CDDs in Business Observer Community Development Districts have made a comeback, tied to the healthy new-home market. Of the over 600 CDDs in Florida, Rizzetta & Company works with 110 of them – a number that continues to grow. As the company expands its staff, as a recent Business Observer article describes, finding […]

Include landscape maintenance in your community budget As you’re working on your community’s budget for the year, be sure you properly fund the line item for tree maintenance and landscape replacement. Tyree Brown, a Certified Arborist and Field Services Supervisor for Rizzetta, advises communities to set aside 10 to 20 percent of their budget for […]

How to prepare for storm season: Lessons learned from Hurricane Irma Hurricane Irma was projected to hit Florida last September as a Category 5 storm, and as the threat of the storm became more imminent, we helped our 118 CDDs and 165 HOAs in Florida take action to secure their communities. While most of our […]

5 tips for CDD budget season The deadline for Community Development District (CDD) budgets is looming, whether you’re billing fees through your county’s tax collector or directly to homeowners. There are several things you’ll want to consider when preparing your budget – from funding for landscaping to having reserve funds for unforeseen natural disasters. Here […]

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